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Vilniaus Vaizdų Archyvas

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For the last few months a lot of things happened and changed in my personal life. Since September MMXIII I am taking an extended course in history. Being born in Vilnius and experiencing strong interest in the history of this city, for my practical work-based learning I have recently established a new project called Vilniaus Vaizdų Archyvas to post historical images of my home town picturing its development through the centuries while establishing itself as a capital of Lithuania.

The idea of aforementioned project has been born gradually through the last several years while with a greater insistence I was absorbing contextual and historical research of the Soldiers’ Memorial park in Vilnius, and collecting a comprehensive amount of materials related to this place. Now upon my will to share it I would like to invite everyone reading this post to follow my project regardless of whether you’re interested in the history of Vilnius or simply enjoying vintage photos.

Apart from the studies during MMXIII there were a few creative works that I succeeded in, one of such being two distinctive designs of :GULAGGH: Vorkuta Test Press copies, sold by the British publisher SXIIIC. Most of the works I started earlier in MMXII and carried through MMXIII are still active and shall be revealed during this year.

I will discuss the other works more in depth in my following post soon. For now, feel free to listen to this occult soundscape, one of my earlier works, dedicated to Francisco Goya:

“Our bodies are prisons for our souls. Our skin and blood, the iron bars of confinement. But, fear not. All flesh decays. Death turns all to ash. And thus, death frees every soul.”



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Thee night ov initiation ov Fourth dronoise ritual entitled “Aš” by side proyekt Užeisių Potencialai Skaldo Visumoje. Complete opus shall be presented within following months and will consist of two radical tracks.


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Website update

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In the last month row I took time to extend my web developing skills in achieving what I was planning for the 2012s. Finally completely updated [v3] live. Visually it is much more simplified and adjusted for a broad audience to browse. Technically this version is also more responsive and involves strong usage of jquery scripts with plugins such as vertical tabs, classic version of galleria, sudo content slider, Black Systems cursor. The main page news are removed as all the news I feel worth posting will be updated solely in my blog. Few minor aspects will be added with time once I figure out how to set the options properly.

I also completely updated tribute page for cemetery, giving a brief history review, option to navigate with google maps, worth reading external links (mostly resources on Russian) as well as sophisticated gallery of various images of that place including paintings, photographs and lithographs dating since XVIII century to present days.

Currently working with T-shirt designs for two proyekts, Gulaggh and Kalpamantra, as well as developing two more websites. In forthcoming weeks I will update my portfolio and add the store link to photography shop.


Custom Vorkuta CD frame

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Through all 2012 year I was working on the most elaborate project so far. Conceptual design development and production of cult  :STALAGGH: collective project titled :Gulaggh: opus Vorkuta.

The project itself is unique in its stylistic of avant-garde chamber horror soundscape, an excellent torturing atmosphere for the most curious ones. Ever since I heard Vorkuta for the first time back in 2009 on CD it was so inspiring. Evoking the visions of cold desolated lands, monolithic scenery of landscapes covered in snow and abandoned for a long time. Reminiscence of torture in exile and annihilation of humans by humans. The ideology of this project strongly reflects my own views upon humanity and the existence. With their first album Gulaggh succeeded in capturing the very aspect of pain and suffering in times of holocaust.

Here ’tis my very personal CD of Vorkuta, released by New Era Prod, mounted in deep frame, burned with pyrography tool from all sides. On the front sides the
following words are burned:

The inner spacer contains following words:
безмерное изничтожение - разлагающегося сознания.
существование тщетно - сопротивление напрасно

Rusted barbed wire wrapped around the disk, in this particular frame ’tis mounted to the back panel with glue. The disk itself is attached to the panel with spider hub.


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…yet what an interesting experience and feeling of being a subject of assassination.


Withering Essence

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Introduction to photographic series called «Withering Essence». Monochrome scenery of desolated lands covered in gloom, hidden in oppressive mist forbidden woods and eerie lakes under thee crushing funereal skies. Of negation I pace, facing these places perfect for escape, in thee solitude and isolation.

‘tis not a new project as such, but rather life-time devotion. Photographs to this series will be added on continuous basis and some of works also likely to be included in photographic book IN FVNERIS.

Should anyone feel interest in using these or any other photographic images for an artwork or any other type of creative acts, feel free to send your enquiry on the email indicated in contacts link.

Shots below were taken in Wels and England.



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I believe the price for work of Art should only be measured with the same value, with similar input of patience and time. Thus money become completely obsolete in the field of crafts, and challenging trades are established.



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The new manifesto of my alter-ego YIIIX is now available on demand as self-released cassette tape with playtime of 45 minutes. Trance-gressive ritual evolution of Videl in these two spontaneous compositions. The track on Side A split in three titles, B Side is continuous twisted minimalistic ambiance. Recordings of bones, musique concrete, inhuman vox mantra.

Titles suggest instant reflexions of inner self, as in the dull mirror, in the missing parts of reality and black holes of mind towards the bestial transformation in unconscious vortex.

Tape cover j-card printed on 220gsm cartridge paper with various drawings on the inner part of inlay, thus each tape is different. Hand numbered and not limited. Packed in clear plastic case tape and housed in wrapped black card with crimson thread. Available to order from myself and officially distributed by Section XIII·.·COMA.

Following works will be the Third Act, Seven Bridges of Königsberg collaborative work with M.P. and Nulio Teritorija: Abisaline Zona CD Book, scheduled to 2012.



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For beginning of thee eleventh lunar cycle I am in France. Haegl thee forthcoming “Mortui Vivos Docent” and the second meditation of YIIIX to be (self)released on XI. XI. MMXI.

Reflexion ov…
[miniature drawing]

Constantly progressing on development of three unique full length albums of new projects under the wing of SXIIIC. During recent months I designed quite unusual packaging for next LDRTFS, Disjecta Membrae and :GULAGGH: collective releases. ’tis now in production and may take few more months until thee actual outcomes revealed. Conceptual packaging design became my new perspective form of cryptoscapism, that is to say it enriches concepts of works of my appreciated projects. In addition, to achieve this great power I am challenged to learn and experiment with different approaches.

Apart from this, I left university course due to lack of importance of such, and back to the college of fine arts for a flexible schedule, access to darkroom and workshops, and freedom to self-expression that eventually leads me towards self-employment.

My photography will be constantly updated in these days and months to come. I shall also put a few recent works to portfolio when time permits.


Portfolio and general update

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Through all this time since my last post and ever since the last muse met me on this abyssal path, I went through lot of changes.

Graphic violence: Rise of the Beast [blood on watercolour paper]

For last 9 – 10 months or so I use to put myself out for help to others, sharing ideas and spreading the genius. For the first time I learned to trust on each other, I consider this to be big achievement, and am proud of working with ‘em. Those living ones, how can they know they are not dreaming or already dead? How can I know anyone hears me? Thee Cult helped me to find my place, my very own path and proved I’m still alive. Ambitious ideas, small strugles, big problems – we went through all that. I give my all essence to Coma Sect XIII Foundation as it becomes new developing reality to me, a new shelter, and I will work in my best for achievement of greater goals we have set upon The Order.

Recently I have built another hidden corner of my works with slightly different purposes for existence. This corner contains most recent works done by myself under SXIIIC banner, and visuals dedicated to like-minded individuals and collaborators. Here tis thee sample ov recent graphic work – complete visual support and mainteinance on Perverse Misanthropic Rec.                                     

Symbolic development of identity for Kalpamantra, etchings, printmaking and artwork for Chris K. project Ignis Divine to reflect thee ambience of soundworlds in his highly atmospheric works on the Creatures of the Abyssal Depths; graphic design and crafted edition of boxes for Daina Dieva (with greater help of Daina self).

The logos, designs, websites graphics and visual language, if anyone needs – feel free to contact me.

May Art work for Art, Death for Death. Fuck historical occultism shit – knowledge is meaningless if open solely to elite ones.

Relating to music, I’m out of equipment for now and put aside thee creation of everything personal (at least till I have complete upgrade). For all sounds in my head stay within myself, all voices turns into continuous weeping silence, and I no longer have will to expose my emotions, ideas and works. I put my thoughts through the ink, my soul through the paints, and yet still feeling sick of this world. The common reality accepted by mass population in this world, the order of things considered as real is the real regress; it has logic sense that for the most curious and unique individuals is a disaster of individuality, an annihilation of genius.

“A man is the less likely to become great the more he is dominated by reason: few can achieve greatness – and none in art – if they are not dominated by illusion.” – Mr.Doctor [Devil Doll]

The abyss profound crushes hard as I become so senseless to every-thing in this world. Emotion-less…careless nights I waste. The destroyer of Desiring God, as if I’m lost and found only demons. Dreaming bout my own demise, the great cryptoscapism rite.

Heading towards depopulation, waiting for destruction of masses. Regret nothing but birth while in final flashes life revises, looking forward to collapse of mankind…Staring in the Eye of Death.

Graphic violence: 7 etchings for Ignis Divine album Creatures of the Abyssal Depths Special Edition.


Italian – English translator needed

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Few years ago remembering thee spirit of then recently departed M.Corbelli I asked Walter Piano, his fellow collaborator on the cvlt project Progetto Morte to share lyrics of two unique albums released on Slaughter Productions back in 90s.

Three booklets, out of which there are 9 A4 scans awaiting to be translated and put together with original Italian texts to some kind of tribute web place in memoria ov collaboration between M.Rotula and W. Piano. If by some bizarre twist of fate one reading this blog is native Italian and have good skills in English, please contact me (e-mail in the footer below this page) to arrange transfer of the scans for translation and negotiate price.



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Through the years of personal development in art and existence, at times I recalled the past, the earlier days. I stop for a short while in various chronologic timeline moments full of nostalgia, remembering important individuals, valuable people that changed my life in one or another way and gave moments of inspiration in my life. Sound was important expression of inspiration and a very personal and sentimental gesture of gratitude: for those who were, entities whose presence still dwell near in abyssal, people whom I never had enough time or chance to know, and especially for those who are no longer here.

We have no destinations, and no time is running for us. When we are wondering for current hour – reverberant echoes answers ‘the following’. Travelling from past, which is never to be; through the present, that is not to feel; into the future, which is not waiting for us… Every place we are going to is the place where we were. Every step is as hopeless as billions already made; every breath we take – as futile as cry for the help in the desert of empty thoughts, for trapped in forever we are…

…I remember myself lying in my deathbed on 11th of December, 2008, when Nulio Teritorija “Abisaline Zona” has been started: in a form of small scrapbook of sketches and mind eclipses. I was documenting visions that much greater than this existence of so called life; the sounds of terrifying depths of Nulio Teritorija, in the wooden room – the place that from a long time ago became a shelter for my psyche, I kept exploring my limits. Each step was recorded in additional sketchbook under working title “Cryptodrone”, that was primarily meant to be essay of some kind. These two by my will are now merged together due to their cryptoscapistic nature under the same withering experiences in this still dense room, built by the architect of inner void. Step by step it absorbs me thus filling its pages covered with dust.

By this night I have completely written concept, lyrics and timeline of Act III – Торговец Облаками, ’tis ready to be recorded and eventually may even see the light of the day at some point.

For now I lay my head by the weeping willow where the sun cannot reach…


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With soil from buried one, the ashes of burnt memories and white chalk I draw thee portrait of…

…autumn dusk and Moon shining through bare branches that shiver upon once warm earth now all covered with fragile leaves.
If such night was playing with her beauty…

Ты видишь какую дыру я проделал в своём подсознании? Разные мысли, какие-то статические помехи в нейронах мозга, там – критики вселенного порядка, и безграничные владения царствующего Хаоса за ними.

И все-же…здесь так пусто…

Камень гранита наше исчезновение увековечит. Прошли года по нити ненависти – потонули в трясине. Человечество в амнезии… сжигает прошлое избегая тяжести мыслей своих. Душу истязая, разъедая плоть и эфир. Забывшие – забыты, забытые – за будущее у истока хлынувшей крови чашу жизни испили.

October 6 – 13, 2010 I was not here…For remarkable week spent in Vilnius I thank Emi also known as deeply respected Buliu, the Sun in the Sky.

Kartais atrodo jog viskas kas vyksta yra teisinga…

With time I lost interest in revealing most of my works. As life goes by and I grow more mature, I gradually become more alienated to EVERYTHING of the world we people exist in. Indifference and apathy dominates upon my views on humanity. Each time I try to cope with it one or few recent creations are uploaded to this place of mine, some entries added to blog and such… May one of y’all reading or browsing this place truly perceive, understand and respect my creations, while most are random visitors passing by and not giving damn about it; I’ll still cope through this… due to responsibility against the one.  (Thank you for your attempts)

P.S. On Saturday, 16 of October 2010 Coma Section released second edition of D’Monique Velsmord. Everyone preordered gets kytonica as a small gesture of gratitude for sporadic support. No other words needed…



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Finally after short disconnection and all the hassle, I settled at the new address and am again connected. While came across hardly unavoidable personal issues, disrupting my actual creadistructivity, I took some time to contemplate and brainstorm a few sketches with interesting and quite ambitious ideas for upcoming years. Those are definitely to become announced, if by some bizarre twist of mind I decide to start realizing them.

Nonetheless, I now back to work in full schedule. Most of these dark days are spent in maze-like studios developing my soundscapes.  Ongoing albums Act III Торговец Облаками, LOTUE Void O and soundtrack for Abisaline Zona will obviously be studio recorded.

As for updates regarding D’Monique Velsmord release, it should be up at the beginning of October.

P.S. I’ll try to update the most important contacts with new address, yet for any reasons should you not receive news from me, please refer to this page for my current address, if needed.

P.P.S. Away again between 6 – 13 of October.


Transfer back to personal domain

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Performed back-up of wordpress blog due to transfer back to personal domain.
Anyone interested may update the link. New and permanent link of my blog is www.videlvelsmord.com/blog

Uploaded few photographs of cemetery and slightly expanded the whole section.
’tis waiting for me…


D’Monique Velsmord preorders

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Today, on 8th of August Coma Section officially starts preorders for my full-length D’Monique Velsmord album.

’tis meditative ritual drone ambient mantra, performed on three nocturnes between 29 of May and 1 of June, 2009. Raw material was burned onto CDR in 5 black acrylic painted disks and packed into black leather DVD cases with brass plates engraved “D’Monique Velsmord, August 8, 2009″. The first edition of 5 packagings was sent to underground entities and close contacts.

In May of this year raw material has been mastered by me and is now at press for 1100 CD copies. Over one hour in length meditation to be released in September on Coma Section. Album release shall include both Special Edition copies and Regular.

Special Edition shall include the same black leather DVD cases and brass plates with engraved album title and release date. More to that, extras include the original raw and unedited 79min track of 2009 on acrylic painted CDR, cassette tape called YIIIX of sadomasochistic isolation and madness as 25min of Insane Chaotic Landscapes performed in the beginning of the Eleventh Moon Cycle in 2009…the white chalk stick, ashes of burnt letters, cemetery soil of grave from the third night of burial + hand signed thank you insert.

Regular copies are packed in black slimline DVD case with wrap.

If by bizarre twist of fortune anyone interested in getting one to their collection, Special or Regular editions can be preordered through SXIIIC website. Important note – Special editions are very limited to 13 copies. All the preordered items shall be sent by 15th of September.

The price for Special copy is €27.00 and for Regular €12.00. Shipping worldwide included in prices.

More information:



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Last months were indeed intensive, I spent more time working in studio workshop, less on my individual acts. This is due to the end of academic year hassle as well as a small exhibition, which took place 18 – 28 of June in Staffordshire.

Two of my works found @ Wedge gallery, Lichfield, one of which is very personal video installation “Meditation I”. Of all the hatred towards mankind this piece is isolation – journey towards self cognition, experiencing self-destructive meditation performed to submit self towards extinction.

Another work is experimental self-portrait painting exhibited with ritual horror ambience ov D’Monique Velsmord and one of more recent composition, to produce subliminal sensory experience.

Currently I’m concentrated on preparing the packaging for Gate To Void album special edition; spending most of my time with series of kytonica paintings for Septyni Karaliauciaus Tiltai; as well as working with 8 intaglio prints to forthcoming Ignis Divine album.

Loneliness of the Universe Eternal third album delayed until uncertain future… my split with Gate To Void would most likely see the light later this year.

More news up to come soon…



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This series of blood paintings called Theophany expresses my views upon humanity and modern world in general.

Through centuries man is driven to the extremes of his nature, releasing all of his sickness by killing, sacrificing and torturing in order to rule and manipulate the masses while hiding himself beyond concepts of higher, omnipotent entity. It is never ending cycle of humanity, it was since many ages ago, and it is seen today.

In Theophany I show that Death, destruction and homicide thoughts as well as behaviour are inevitable part of human cycle. The conflict between limits of reality and pure nature of man is what these paintings are about. An evolution from the very first painting: hypocrisy, the spirit, the purity, freedom.

To me the ‘ritual’ is strictly personal moment of expression of my sensations and my personality into physical dimension. With these paintings I am neither aiming to shock anyone, nor am I attributing myself to fetishism for pain (although psychological masochism is interesting game to play). To me the blood of mine is the most sacred medium…perhaps the most violent one I ever used to create; and creation is essential in my life. The reason for these paintings to exist is, again, my belief that non-verbal communication is the best way for me to express the subjects that has its’ place in my entity, I choose visual ‘voice’.

By very personal reasons I kept it hidden from public audience for three years, now in 2010 I share them as a small gesture of gratitude for all the support I received during last years from certain individuals.


A contemplation on occult ambient

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During last 3 – 5 years the number of occult ambient musicians with their ill perception of the subject has been intensively spread in the underground. Immense quantities of ritual / occult ambient gushed out as a trend with loads of futile download compilations in usually poor themes, low quality mp3 albums and so on. Even to me, as music drugger it would be hardly possible to listen to all those “new” and “fresh” self-releases, though I don’t like ambient as much as extreme Black Funeral Art.

On one hand I support the idea that art and sound art in particular should be free of commerce without involving third parties such as labels and copyrights. But otherwise there’s just too much shit on the internet. Dozens of musicians labelling own work as ritual / occult are mostly by reason limited to digital way of producing soulless sound.

I started noticing this since 2008 when “occult” called music albums of such artists began to spread through the advertisings everywhere. Shouldn’t ‘occult’ mean hidden? It doesn’t make you occult or unique after some basic impact with hebrew Kabbalah; usage of scanned alchemic illustrations out of books on occult subject, borrowed from your local library or internet open sources. You won’t make it hidden with pathetic official statements declaring you are chaos magic(k) practitioner with huge experience and wide biography.

Being in contacts with label owners and promoting self in various underground activities helps them to become noticeable and therefore potential to being released and obtaining even more audience in this miserable march begging for fame… While indeed original individuals simply don’t care if their creations are appreciated by someone.

That is to say about ambient underground. I have seen certain labels that support this trend of being ‘dark’; and communities around them making pathetic fetish out of Dark Art…It is hypocrisy.
I am alienated to such “underground”.

Give people the original and unique today and tomorrow there’s going to be dozens of posers and copycats.


Looking for…[wishlist]

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Being so curious and possessed for everything that is less known in music underground I dig for releases survived in ANY form out of these labels:

  • Maldoror Tapes
  • V.I.T.R.I.O.L
  • Cinisia Productions
  • Theatrum Alchemicum
  • The Erzsebet Family
  • Blême Euryale Records
  • Forgotten Blood
  • Putrefactio
  • Theatrum Chemicum
  • Spin Box
  • Ministry Of Ultramarine Theatres
  • Volúpia Tapes
  • Ritual De Sombras
  • Art Concept

These are defunct labels, released experimental rarities of 90’s. If anyone reading this is into collecting such rarities, please contact me. If you have some of these label releases – my contact details at the bottom (footer) of this blog.

More to that, I’m looking for ANY film of the MASSIVE collection of film rarities by Pathé Frères. Anything apart Le Cochon Danseur (as I already have it) would be valued and appreciated.

Using the opportunity I would like to thank crepusculum from vita ignes : corpus lignum blog (perhaps even more temporary place than this blog) and all collectors contributing to it for sharing a lot of indeed rare releases. Thanks a lot. Astonished!


Lirexilium ceases to exist

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As someone has noticed, Lirexilium is defunct. This means that no-one is able to order a copy of any of my previously recorded albums anymore.

I will keep working with sound, recordings, manipulation and destruction; yet no longer be printing those unlimited edition albums and make any special deluxe copies for sale through Lirexilium. I won’t do any packaging and no longer offer CDRs.

Most of earlier released copies are run out of print, the rest of printed copies are sent to the distros and close contacts. The free download tracks that were available on my website in past will still be available at anytime in future (though I won’t post full albums for free download). There are also a few online websites such as mp3.com.au that have my project pages with samples and extracts – I will not remove them in case anyone wants to hear preview outtakes. From now on my audio projects with new material will not see the light at all, unless in professional pressed audio CDs, released by other labels, if any interested.

I will keep signing my personal visual works, performances and solo exhibitions under Lirexilium name – I am Lirexilium, I am YIIIX… yet as a label Lirexilium is dead.


Website transfer

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Recently my web-site and domain has been moved to another place. There is some minor testing at these days and domain may not always work properly. I still have to update the URL on some pages, as number of images and links appear to be broken.

Nonetheless my web-site is now hosted with Section XIII˙.˙COMA.
I’m multi-tasking (as I usually do) on some works in progress. The small exhibition will take place at some point in June, for which I have something very special.


Mon enthousiasme revient!

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In the wooden room I came…

Currently working on:
7 kytonica paintings (some miniatures for Abisaline Zona and two larger scale paintings);
1 self portrait;
audio recordings for abstract expressionist sound art with Grist.

With grace and dignity I confirm the initial works for Act III – Торговец Облаками.

The concept of the Third Act is based on Russian folk fairy-tales and is strongly inspired by unknown and ancient history of the lands of Russia. The tracklist and senseless irrational texts for some of compositions is written.

Herein ye find an extract of the written poetry of the Third Act ov Videl.

“Деревянная комната нынче украшена новыми картинами, которые не благородно прикрывая изначальный блеск старых от печального солнца, через пресловутое окно этого безграничного одиночества хрупко освещающего пыль; и расщепляя их светимость в окончательный мрак…превращают меня самого во что-то аморфное, и вокруг всё плывёт пред моими глазами…
…и запах ещё не застывшего акрила игриво отвлекает меня от горстки пустых писем, завалявшихся где-то не-по-далeку…
…и ужасающих бездну взглядов тех, что пялятся на меня из под…”

I’m not the one you knew ever before, I’m not the one you’ll ever know.


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A tiny piece of moon was missing. I did some documentary with my old 85mm taking various exposures.

Upcoming dates of the absence of…

  • MMX 07 XI
  • MMX 12 XXI
  • MMXI 06 XV
  • MMXI 12 X

V·.·D·.·W·.·V·.· performed audio-rite this night. Material to be revealed in collaborative work with Grist.

Blessed is everyone who met this night alone.


Merry chaos christmas

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As my inner saviour, YIIIX brings its’ apocalyptic visions in Kalpamantra congregation of dark quintessence. The actual materials shall be revealed soon.

Currently performing destructive sound rites.

Prepare to SXIII·.·C – anti-logical anti-moral anti-religious anti-social anti-human anti-life anti-light anti-cosmic ritual art house. Hæġl CHAOS Pater Noster!


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Kiekviena naktis savotiškai žavinga.
Kas naktį žmones yra kitokie, pasikeite šiek tiek.
Naktimis aš jaučiuosi toks kupinas ir pilnavertis. Kas rytą aš tarsi naujai gimes, bandau vel prisitaikyti po saulė triukšme ir šurmuly kuklių užsiemimų, siulomu dienos.

Saulelidyje, t.y. apie 4 – 5 valandą popiet žiemos metų, aš jaučiu ne ka mažiau žadancios naujos nakties dvelksmą. Prieblanda šaukia manę, ir suteikia jegu naujom formom, naujiem vaizdam. Tamsa prisiliečia be skausmo, visgi, tokia išraiška paslaptingumo pasmerkia žmogų vienatvei, kurioje jis kenčia nuo savo paties vaizduotes ir nesugeba melsti pagalbos. Šeši pojučiai itempti ir sukoncentruoti, kadangi butybes, ištrukusios iš amžinybes ir gryžusios į žemę, iš nekuklumo pajegios betkokio pobudžio žveriskumui.

Ryte saulė griausmingai prasirita ties gatves nepaliekant nei menkiausio lopinelio tamsai. Mano užtarnauta ramybe pasitraukia, ir, padejus galva ant šaltos kaip ledas pagalves…


Nihil Excessvvm

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Intoxicated by haruspex vision during the Eleventh Cycle of the Moon I became YIIIX. Through shoreless fields of reigning chaos I saw the birth of New World. The day when sun stood still were lands illuminated by the dying star. At some point life becomes anti-life…Nay, death no longer exists! New World, Immortal World calls me, absorbs me as I wander through the depths of the universe of myself. The light is antilight, merely vague reflexions of its majesty, and sound is anti-sound – the broken noise of my voice. I can feel the whiff of its reverberating echoes deep inside me. From afar my subconscious begins to dissolve in this densely boundless space. Surrounded by everlasting nothingness, alas God no longer exists.


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2009. 11. 06

Постигнув по-ту-сторонее, из безвозвратной точки, Tы, возможно, смеёшься над тенью своего трупа, укрытого для разложения под землей в его последнем убежище. Порой, кажется, современный мир не достоин таких людей, а Человек – умирающий вид…

in nomine Magni Satanæ
in memoria Signifer


Dekadanso Angelai

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I was warned…They warned me not to destroy empty letters for nought.

It comes a time when I experience insomnia, when thousands of words gushing out of me while contemplating and writing new sentences, one by one into paragraphs… They are dedicated to those who are no longer with me; they are dedicated to those who were never here. I speak through these letters. I speak better than I ever did using my voice. At such occasions of sleepless nights I feel the need to speak with someone. My thoughts are rushing out of me, usually negative thoughts, destructive. The book entitled “Dekadanso Angelai” [or «The Angels of Decadence»] has the content of all that never had a voice to be spoken, all that was never said… It shall be written from all of those letters survived, quite personal things about me and my view on the aspects of social life and dogmas.

Dekadanso Angelai shall be the last of my creation including the last book of mine, as its content is ongoing, as a diary. Once I’m definitely sure to end up, short run book publishing facilities will print this in 2 – 4 copies to send them to the most important and most influential individuals in my life.



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At the very beginning of October the third full-length album of UPSV has been published. I took a short vacation for almost one month leaving my personal works aside for a while. However, some previous kytonica sketches to be rendered into paintings for illustrated cd-book Nulio Teritorija:Abisaline Zona in upcoming months. Two larger scale paintings are still in progress.

During recent weeks I have found two projects to work on audio-collaboration in a form of three-way split. Fortunately both of them have accepted my idea to contribute on our split. My part shall be recorded during the beginning of the Eleventh Moon Cycle.


Current acts and music in progress

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Enchained in deep depression I’m facing the vast sea of emptiness. The void within as inevitable as the eyes in my paintings. As first volume of :Layers of Illusion: has been finished, I have started working on drones and noises for the third UPSV act. The aim of the third album “Spiegiancios Saules Malda” is warm drones. Then the forth act will continue thermostatic dronoise theme delivering cold textures.

Writing the third and the final part for Loneliness of the Universe Eternal ‘Void O’. Double-album hopefully to be recorded by next summer and appear in the autumn of 2010.

I am also in a progress of writing my next book “Nulio Teritorija: Abisaline Zona”. This part of “Nulio Teritorija” series will introduce the world and art of mine. At some point “Layers of Illusion” might be printed and published in upcoming years.

Some tracks for Ethyria Eclypsis debut “Een Sonate Zwarter Harten” written, however I shall not start playing it until I’m completely rehabilitated.



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Recently I was thinking of particular styles that artists are limited to or involved into; about ideologies and concepts most professionals are working within and are recognized by the audience through their life time, and far longer, depending on their fame. I was contemplating about stylized paintings and I must admit the last thing I care is recognition…

Kytonica and visual ambient; Inner art and man-made exterior… As if two different individuals inside me are working towards their own. I have created V•.•D•.•W•.•V•.• to sign my personal works that are not dominated by media, not dependent upon commerce, social life, or global issues. I have invented myself. Within current initials I present my personal works that have nothing to deal with neither academic tasks nor occupation.

Kytonica is one of my strongest elements, technique that never stops developing and changing. I render an alternative reality dominated by my visions of grotesque, horror, obsessions, everything that troubles me including all of my fears. In layered paintings through abstraction one can find body parts, heads and faces of lunatic characters. Eyes are inevitable…«paintings of thousand eyes» someone once called it. Surely Zero Territory is not limited to my paintings and Kytonica is not only Zero Plane. I can describe it as a surreal plane with its miserable landscape yet rich underground. These visions of alternative place were visiting me since my childhood, constantly while being ill, laying in the bed and dreaming of calm quiet harmony in white immense space…And eventually distracted by the inmost chaos, as white space was getting crumpled like a creased piece of paper, in the epicenter of which was I…

As for my visual ambient, I use it to enrich my emotions, to give color to them. Deep dark, yet intense watercolors floating on the white mass of paper as I…I close my eyes, I don’t think, I’m not trying to, I’m not worry about…

Visual ambient is not a conceptual series, it is not intended to… not another silly new… Similar to Kytonica ’tis part of my emotional self expression.

In b/w photography I’m working with the ambience and human perception of scenery itself rather than concentrating on meanings behind it. In color photographs I render images to document the moments I was involved in, the atmosphere I was petrified by…. Ethereal, dramatic, sometimes emotional and quite «dark» subjects. I would not waste my time explaining particular photographs in depth to the audience as it is explained in descriptions/titles as much as it could be explained in words.

After all, I never been interested to entertain the audience with my works. In my visions I see art as a «tool» free from media, commerce, religion and politics. For me art has always been dealing with spiritual and emotional states. The relationship between the process and creator is the beneficial for creator, rather than comfort for the masses.

Currently working on:


…I have seen…

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Today I realized my layered paintings are reflections of my subliminal images.

My experience, events, circumstances and situations I’ve been in. Today, on the partway drawing sketch for another panorama painting I did notice an interesting feature. While drawing already outlined in my mind lines and figures I started envision their further sequence, as if once sketched  lines were erased. As if someone would call them to become redrawn again exaggerating their fragile lines. The pencil in my hand followed these lines that actually were not applied on the thick mass of card yet. This is the pure form I have ever done – no logical sense, neither rules nor restrictions to limit myself, nothing at all like that. Rather unbinding unconscious which leads me towards the automatism.

I have doubts regarding the elaboration of current painting, though I hope everything would work well enough. Use of the thinnest brushes I found is vital with these highly detailed paintings. Sometimes it seems as if none of my previous paintings could be equal to the next one that is in progress. Since I never alter sketches already drawn. I have two choices: either realize it successfully, either burn it.



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Kytonica [kIt○nIka] – my own technique and style of paintings. Since 2005 I have explored variety of techniques in fine arts and crafts. Two years ago my first experiments in particular style appeared. Through ‘07-’08 years detailed study brought wide range of images including bodyscapes, distorted portraits and parts of faces, eyes, landscapes and merely abstract creatures floating in the vast sepia-tinted world of Zero Plane. I became more  obsessed by human eyes, by their secret profoundness and ambiguous symbolism.

During 2008 I made Second Act “Nulio Teritorija” (Zero Territory) limited edition of 25 copies, each of which included one of my paintings (18×12cm), packed in aluminium case together with two disks. Kytonica became related with my music. I was looking for the ways to get sound and painting work together, and I’ve made the first approach.

Generally my experimental style gives strong reference to primitivism, rendering so called fusion between abstraction and surrealism as well as some cubism influence; flavored with own sense of symbolism on occasion. I named it ‘Kytonica’, being unable to think of any better name than that I would call my own son – Kito.

Trapped in the world where they staring at me…

-Videl D.W.V.


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