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A contemplation on occult ambient


During last 3 – 5 years the number of occult ambient musicians with their ill perception of the subject has been intensively spread in the underground. Immense quantities of ritual / occult ambient gushed out as a trend with loads of futile download compilations in usually poor themes, low quality mp3 albums and so on. Even to me, as music drugger it would be hardly possible to listen to all those “new” and “fresh” self-releases, though I don’t like ambient as much as extreme Black Funeral Art.

On one hand I support the idea that art and sound art in particular should be free of commerce without involving third parties such as labels and copyrights. But otherwise there’s just too much shit on the internet. Dozens of musicians labelling own work as ritual / occult are mostly by reason limited to digital way of producing soulless sound.

I started noticing this since 2008 when “occult” called music albums of such artists began to spread through the advertisings everywhere. Shouldn’t ‘occult’ mean hidden? It doesn’t make you occult or unique after some basic impact with hebrew Kabbalah; usage of scanned alchemic illustrations out of books on occult subject, borrowed from your local library or internet open sources. You won’t make it hidden with pathetic official statements declaring you are chaos magic(k) practitioner with huge experience and wide biography.

Being in contacts with label owners and promoting self in various underground activities helps them to become noticeable and therefore potential to being released and obtaining even more audience in this miserable march begging for fame… While indeed original individuals simply don’t care if their creations are appreciated by someone.

That is to say about ambient underground. I have seen certain labels that support this trend of being ‘dark’; and communities around them making pathetic fetish out of Dark Art…It is hypocrisy.
I am alienated to such “underground”.

Give people the original and unique today and tomorrow there’s going to be dozens of posers and copycats.

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