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Recently I was thinking of particular styles that artists are limited to or involved into; about ideologies and concepts most professionals are working within and are recognized by the audience through their life time, and far longer, depending on their fame. I was contemplating about stylized paintings and I must admit the last thing I care is recognition…

Kytonica and visual ambient; Inner art and man-made exterior… As if two different individuals inside me are working towards their own. I have created V•.•D•.•W•.•V•.• to sign my personal works that are not dominated by media, not dependent upon commerce, social life, or global issues. I have invented myself. Within current initials I present my personal works that have nothing to deal with neither academic tasks nor occupation.

Kytonica is one of my strongest elements, technique that never stops developing and changing. I render an alternative reality dominated by my visions of grotesque, horror, obsessions, everything that troubles me including all of my fears. In layered paintings through abstraction one can find body parts, heads and faces of lunatic characters. Eyes are inevitable…«paintings of thousand eyes» someone once called it. Surely Zero Territory is not limited to my paintings and Kytonica is not only Zero Plane. I can describe it as a surreal plane with its miserable landscape yet rich underground. These visions of alternative place were visiting me since my childhood, constantly while being ill, laying in the bed and dreaming of calm quiet harmony in white immense space…And eventually distracted by the inmost chaos, as white space was getting crumpled like a creased piece of paper, in the epicenter of which was I…

As for my visual ambient, I use it to enrich my emotions, to give color to them. Deep dark, yet intense watercolors floating on the white mass of paper as I…I close my eyes, I don’t think, I’m not trying to, I’m not worry about…

Visual ambient is not a conceptual series, it is not intended to… not another silly new… Similar to Kytonica ’tis part of my emotional self expression.

In b/w photography I’m working with the ambience and human perception of scenery itself rather than concentrating on meanings behind it. In color photographs I render images to document the moments I was involved in, the atmosphere I was petrified by…. Ethereal, dramatic, sometimes emotional and quite «dark» subjects. I would not waste my time explaining particular photographs in depth to the audience as it is explained in descriptions/titles as much as it could be explained in words.

After all, I never been interested to entertain the audience with my works. In my visions I see art as a «tool» free from media, commerce, religion and politics. For me art has always been dealing with spiritual and emotional states. The relationship between the process and creator is the beneficial for creator, rather than comfort for the masses.

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